Let’s get digital

We’ve been closely monitoring outdoor media space over the last few years and the digital revolution is picking up pace. At the side of the road the traditional poster sites around the capital, in all their wooden glory, are slowly making way for the new metal substructures to hold digital boards and expect this to be a more common sight as the more flexible and instant media continues to make more sense to both the likes of CBS and JC Decuax and the companies buying the space (just drive along the M4 into Central London to see) and what is fast becoming the norm in Central London is quickly spreading outwards.

Over the past 24 months we’ve seen our client requests treble in terms over digital media with 48 and 6 sheets, big screens, Stadium LED perimeter signage and Stadium TV all increasing in demand but it’s not as simple as just animating your previously static creative. Each site and format has differing requirements depending on its location, footfall and speed of viewer passing and that’s key when trying to maximize your ROI .

A recent example was a project for World Club 7s where we had to prepare assets for the Twickenham Stadium Big Screen, LED Perimeter Boards, Platform Digital 48 Sheets and Station Digital 6 Sheets (see above), all with different requirements but all aiming to get and hold the attention of the public. On top of that we provided a joined up approach linking these assets with online assets, traditional print, social media and national press to ensure a consistent approach.

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