RWC Balls

Eyes on the prize

By mid-October the worst case scenario had been realised and England had become the first host nation not to make it to the final stages of the Rugby World Cup.

Stuart Lancaster wasn’t the only one left with his head in hands as countless front line England sponsors were no doubt left clasping several ad campaigns that would never see the light of day and our client, England Rugby Travel, despite their name, were still very much open for business with Quarters, Semis and a Final to sell.

Luckily a few months earlier we’d had an honest discussion posing the question of what if the impossible, now not so, were to happen and had advised that all final stage branding for hotels and other events be generically branded. We’d also discussed how we should approach promoting selling packages for the final stages so when England trudged off the field in Manchester we were ready, despite being disappointed to flick the switch to promote to the home nations that had fared somewhat better.

The approach paid dividends as the tournament saw ERT have their most successful sales despite the lack of success on the field.

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